Sim Campaign: Mission 3 - Forest Fires

  • Stronghold 2 Mission Walkthrough
  • 3 mins

By Lord_Chris

Mission Objectives:

• Win: Rebuild Ruined Keep
• Lose: Your Lord Dies
• Lose: Time until Defeat: 68 months

Chapter 3 presents the first opportunity in the whole campaign where you can essentially lose the game, if you are unsuccessful. Though this is a timed mission however, it is not too difficult to rebuild the keep in time.

You now have a second estate to control in this mission. Your primary estate remains the same (for now) and your secondary estate is to the east of your current location (using the minimap). You should start by placing several stone quarries on the stone at the edge of your estate. Then place some Ox Tether to take the stone up to the Stockpile. Once you have done this, you will also need to place a Carter Post to take your stone to your neighbouring estate. Since distance is important in this instance, I recommend placing it close to your stone quarries at the edge of your estate.

You may need to place more Hovels to get the required number of peasants. Keep in mind though that with a growing population, you will need more food, so it may be best if you take rations off double and put them back to normal again. You may also need to place more food production buildings again as well, so if necessary you can restructure your estate by removing some of the Pig Farms or Vegetable Gardens if you need to. You can also remove some of the saw pits if you like as well, considering they are less needed in this mission now.

Note that in this mission plenty of fires start in your estate, so make sure that you place several wells scattered around your estate to dispense of them. The best places are firstly next to your stone quarries, which is the most important. I placed two here. Secondly, next to your Granary, and third, next to your saw pits. You can also place one next to the Lord's Kitchen if you'd like as well.

After you have done this, you should setup your Carter Post. You will need to program it to send the goods to your new estate. Note, however, that you will need stone in your Stockpile before you can do this. Once this is the case, left click on your Carter Post. Select the "industry" tab, and then select the Stone icon. Select as much stone as is available, and then select the "continuous" button. Now, move your map into your secondary estate, and left click anywhere within it. You should hopefully hear the Scribe tell you that the shipment is on its way, and the Carter should start moving. This will continously send shipments of stone to your new castle and unless the Carter Post is destroyed in a fire, you will not need to check on it again.

The Monks will constantly keep returning to the Stockpile to collect any Stone which is there, so there isn't anything to worry about in regards to timing. Each block roughly seems to be worth around 1% or 2% of the Keep, so just make sure your stone quarries are returning enough stone and that your Ox Tether can cope with the amount, i.e. there is no backlog of stone waiting to be taken to the stockpile. If this is the case, simply place more ox tether, but carefully place more Wells around your new buildings.

Once the Keep has been fully rebuilt, all of your buildings will catch fire. This is a scripted event, and cannot be prevented. You will inevitably lose buildings here. Not that it matters anyway however, as in the next mission all buildings belonging to this estate are removed from the map.

Lastly, remember to save your game before proceeding onto the next mission. We also have a saved game of this mission available here from the downloads section you can use.