War | Chapter 5 - "Return to the Monastery": Mission 2

  • Stronghold 2 Mission Walkthrough
  • 3 mins

By Mathew Steel

Mission 2:

Win - Rebuild the ruined monastery

Win - No enemy left on map

Lose - Your lord dies



Mission 2 of this chapter grants you control of Olaf’s territory. Now, you will need to fight off Edwin’s weak invasions and rebuild the ruined monastery to the west of the map. Firstly, let’s clear some of those walls to make way for our small economic growth. Economy won’t be a huge factor in this mission, but you will need to make sure there is food and weapon production. In the image below, you can see I have removed two lines of walls and replaced the stockpile. I did this to speed up wood production, as well as shortening the distance the monks will need to travel to gather stone for the repairs. The stockpile is empty upon beginning the mission, so this really is no issue. Also, placing a market and buying about 100 wood will get you off to a good start. Place a treasury and set the taxes to “High”. You will need to place a few more apple farms to keep the rations at “Double”.



After placing the quarry and oxen and ensuring that food production was steady. It is time to begin weapon production. Below, you can see I’ve only built 5 weapon buildings. This will be fine for this mission.



The first invasion from Edwin will be a small defensive force. His units will cross the bridge and prevent the monks from repairing the monastery. You will need to deal with this quickly. Recruit a small army of archers. Select your lord and charge him across the bridge into Edwin’s forces. The numbers won’t be enough to even scratch your lord. Use the archers to help kill these units quickly. Once this is done, return your lord to his duties, and put the archers on the barracks.


You will need to make use of that stone. You can either increase stone production with another quarry, or if you have enough gold, you can buy some from the market. Build a straight wall in front of the wooden wall with 4 watchtowers and a small gatehouse. Place archers in each watchtower. Recruit a good number of spearmen and place them behind the stone wall. These will serve as charge units if the enemy breaks the wall. If you do not do this quickly, you will be in a small predicament as Edwin’s next army will begin their attack. If this is the case, you can use your lord to direct the melee units back into your own melee units. This saves you from having to chase down any enemy forces that break through.


Continue recruiting units during this entire mission. As the monks come close to finishing the repairs, Edwin will attack with a final army. Shown by Edwin’s ugly mug in the bottom right corner of your screen. I’m sure we can agree that Edwin is an annoyance, so show no mercy in killing his men. The image below shows a simple but effective defence against his siege. His spearmen did break through the stone wall eventually, however, a large enough group of your own spearmen will get rid of them with relative ease.




Once the siege is no more. Allow the monks to finish repairing the monastery. Once completed, the warrior monks will leave the monastery and make their way across the bridge. In a few seconds, you will see the cutscene, signalling the completion of this chapter. Great job!