War | Chapter 2 - "The First Command": Mission 3

  • Stronghold 2 Mission Walkthrough
  • 3 mins

By Mathew Steel

Mission 3:

Win - No enemy or enemy invasions are left

Lose - Your lord dies



This is it! The final mission in this chapter. Your first proper experience of war. You’ll notice immediately you have a few new things you can build. Let’s make sure we make the most of it.


Before anything, do not remove your sheep farms, and do not remove the weaver workshops. These will be crucial to your success.



You will see in the buildings tab you now have access to a barracks and an armoury. You have also been given 400 gold to work with. Place the barracks wherever you wish, preferably close to the keep being able to quickly keep track of your new recruits. Place the armoury near the stockpile and use the 400 gold and some wood to place 4 pole turner workshops in between the armoury and the stockpile. Your territory should look something like this.




As you can see, I have also placed a market (bottom right), a few more hovels, and a few more hunter posts. The hovels will allow us to have remaining peasants to recruit as spearmen, and the hunter posts will make sure there is enough food to feed them all. As for the market, we have kept our cloth production handy. You may have heard already, but cloth can now be sold in the market in exchange for gold. This gold will be used to recruit our spearmen. You can leave this alone for now. Let your cloth production and spear production get on its feet for now.



You should have a fair amount of wood in your stockpile. Let’s begin using it. I will say now, your first attempt at a castle will not be pretty, but it won’t need to be, it just needs to work! Bear in mind, the tactics you will use for defence during this mission are not going to be very useful outside of this mission. We are working with the limited tools we have.




Let’s cut to the chase. You will need to focus your wooden walls to the right side of the map. The walls above the bridge are just…well…I had a lot of spare wood, and you will too. Our task is not yet done however. If you have a good ear, you will have heard that clearing out those bears at the top of the map will reward you with a few warrior monks. This will be handy. Head to the market, or press M on your keyboard, and sell every single piece of cloth you have. Then, head to the barracks, or press B on your keyboard, and recruit as many spearmen as you can. Once you have used all your currently produced spears, select all your spearmen and target the bears. There are 3 in total to kill, but they like to roam around, meaning you will need to find them. Once killed, 5 warrior monks will make their way to your keep. These are now yours to control. With the remaining spearmen and your newly acquired monks, move all the units behind the big wall you created on the right side of the map. Keep producing new spearmen, remember, sell cloth for money, and move them into the big group.



If you want, you can make extra walls using wooden stairs, as they have extra durability. See the image below for an example.




Your small army can be placed behind this wall now, as Olaf’s troops will spawn on the other side. The invasions only begin towards the end of the “Time until final invasion” progress bar, so you have plenty of time to do all of this. Once enemies spawn, select your army and charge them towards Olaf’s units. They will rid of them with relative ease. Move them back behind the wall and repeat until all of Olaf’s invasions finish. If you’re quick enough, Olaf’s units won’t have a chance to run away. This does not change anything, but it does give you some extra pride. See the image below for an action shot.




Congratulations! You did it! Just look at those proud faces!