War | Chapter 2 - "The First Command": Mission 2

  • Stronghold 2 Mission Walkthrough
  • 1 min

By Mathew Steel

Mission 2:

Win - Acquire Cloth: 15

Lose - Your lord dies




Firstly, you will notice your territory will be in the same state it was as in the previous mission. This is how missions continue in Stronghold 2. Your actions and placements in previous missions carry over to the next. However, resources are sometimes reset.


Now, we will not be needing those stone quarries any longer, nor the oxen. Let’s remove those! You will see you now have many more idle peasants at the campfire. This is the reason for the excess quarries in mission 1. You can now quickly have workers fill vacant jobs. It is very minor, but hey, it’s still an improvement.






Great! Now we have more space to play with. Before we begin the task at hand, we have some micro management to do. The peasants need food, or they will become unhappy and leave. Let’s make sure there is always enough supply.


Place 12 hunter posts near the granary. This should be enough for the number of workers you will need. You may also want to place one or two more woodcutter carts. I like to have about 8.





Next, let’s get to work on the main objective. To produce cloth, we will need sheep farms and weaver workshops. Place five of each, and the task should be complete in due time. You may need to place another hovel, but don’t worry, your granary rations should still be enough for at least one extra hovel.




Not long into cloth production, you will receive a few messages from Sir William, and he is slightly on edge. He warns you of Olaf Grimtooth and his merry men marching towards you. You may feel worried by now, as your scribe doesn’t exactly give you much confidence. However, there is no need to fear. Olaf’s forces really won’t be that much of a task.