War | Chapter 6 - "Olaf Grimtooth, Your Time Has Come": Mission 1

  • Stronghold 2 Mission Walkthrough
  • 5 mins

By Mathew Steel

Mission 1:

Win - Complete all quests:

1. Kill Olaf

2. Control 6 estates

3. Kill Edwin

Lose - Your lord dies



This mission requires you to focus on both offence and defence. It is not too difficult to begin, but you will soon realise that early planning is the key to success. As always, here is a screenshot of a good starter castle.




There is nothing special going on here. Begin by placing two stockpiles and your granary. Next, place 8 woodcutter carts. After this, place your 6 apple farms along with a hovel or two. You want to make sure you set the granary rations to “Double” and the treasury taxes to “High”. Be sure to get stone production and your kitchen started early as this will prove helpful later. This mission is war-heavy, so be sure you have a constant supply of weapons being produced. You may run out of honour every now and then as you raise an army, don’t worry too much, as the kitchen needs a little time to produce a steady honour flow.


Move the starting archers to the barracks and place the spearmen at the bottom to repel enemy attacks. Recruit as many as you can and fill the barracks roof with 30 archers. Now, work on your attacking force. Raise an army of about 20 archers, and 30 spearmen. If you want to speed things up, you can use the beginning spearmen. Once ready, move over to Olaf’s territory and begin harassing his units.




It is possible, after lowering the height of the wooden wall by attacking it, for your archers to shoot into the walled area at the enemy troops. This tactic will cause melee troops to leave and come towards you, allowing your spearmen to repel the attack. Whilst this happens, your archers can kill the axe-throwers with the range advantage, and with a sizeable number of archers, the horse-archers will cause no issues. Repeat this tactic until his army is lowered to individuals, not groups. Make a gap in the wall near your archers and enter the area with care. Olaf will still recruit new units, so try and destroy the mercenary post soon. Place your archers on the walls and spread them across 4 sections, ensuring Olaf’s units don’t have a chance to reach the walls also. From here on, you can allow your archers to kill Olaf, or, use your spearmen to finish the quest sooner. It’s your choice. However, it is important at this point to begin focusing on defence.


You should have a good amount of stone by this point. Use it to build a wall in-line with your barracks, covering off the east side of your land. Be sure to add a few watchtowers and fill them accordingly. To the south of your land is a bridge, simply block this off completely with stone walls for the time being.




Once Olaf is killed, you will need to repel a small siege from Edwin. This will be a fairly easy task if you have made sure to build a good defence as instructed above. The siege should take place on the east-side, which you have defended well. Although, it is possible Edwin may attack from the bridge. If this happens, you can quickly raise an army of archers to dispose of Edwin’s troops with ease.


Now to take the estates. This is another easy task. A small army of spearmen and archers will do just fine. Take the estate to the immediate south, and then the estate below that. Sometimes Olaf will have taken some estates himself, meaning you may own more than you realise. For this quest, keep taking estates until it is completed.


At this point you should have access to tanner workshops. Make use of these by placing dairy farms in your estate along with a few tanner workshops. You will also need more fletcher workshops, and you’ll need to assign them to create crossbows. You will soon be under siege once again. This siege is slightly bigger but shouldn’t pose a great threat. Once the attack is repelled, it is an easy journey.


Begin raising a very large army. Your next task is to kill Edwin. This task itself is very easy, however, mission 2 can be quite overwhelming. We know that our army carries over through missions, so raising a large enough army before the mission begins will give you the upper hand. Your army should consist of spearmen, archers, and crossbowmen. Make sure you have placed an engineer’s guild in your territory, as to allow for the recruitment of catapults and cats.




The image above shows my army outside Edwin’s land. You can also move all your units from your territory to this spot. Before beginning your attack, you should have about 120 crossbowmen, 150 spearmen, and 200 archers. This is slightly overkill, but it is better safe than sorry. It will also be a good idea to keep your catapults safe during this mission. Allow them to break a hole in the wall, and then protect them.


To siege Edwin, you will need 30 archers, and about 8 cats. Selecting both the cats and the archers before moving them will cause some archers to run off into their deaths. To avoid this, move the cats to the destination, and keep the archers selected, ensuring you move them with the cats to keep them safe. Firstly, take out the ground troops closest to you. Using the cat and archer method, move your archers and cats to the gatehouse, from here, the archers should be able to kill all the crossbowmen. This will take some time, but they will get it done. You may need to move them slightly to kill all the soldiers, just make sure they are all dead before moving on. Now, select your catapults and destroy the wall closest to your keep. This should also destroy the mounted burning logs. Move your 30 archers up to the tower and allow them to kill some of the remaining spearmen. Select all your spearmen, and attack Edwin. You will not kill Edwin, as a cutscene will play before he dies, explaining what happens next. Well done!