War | Chapter 2 - "The First Command": Mission 1

  • Stronghold 2 Mission Walkthrough
  • 1 min

By Mathew Steel

Mission 1:

Win - Rebuild the ruined bridge

Lose - Your lord dies



Begin this mission by placing your stockpile near the stone resource to the right of the keep. This ensures your woodcutters, quarries, and the monks are all within close range of the stockpile, allowing you to speed through this mission with relative ease. Place your granary to the left of your keep. This will become useful later when you are asked to defend your small territory. You should then place as many woodcutter carts as you can, in order to collect an ample supply of wood quickly. Your territory should look similar to the image shown below.






Once you have collected wood, the monks will begin repairing the bridge by taking individual planks of wood from the stockpile to the bridge. Now, place 3 stone quarries on the stone resource, along with a few oxen to transport the stone. You will not need this many in reality but having this many becomes useful for later missions. You will notice you haven’t enough peasants to work the quarries. Let’s fix that. Place 2 hovels just above your granary. This should provide enough workers for the quarries.





As stone production begins, you will notice the idle monks will now begin collecting stone, then transporting it to the bridge. Let this play by itself until the bridge is complete. A group of warrior monks will pass over the bridge and wander off the edge of the map. Wait a few seconds, and you should complete the mission.