War | Chapter 1 - "The Search for the King"

  • Stronghold 2 Mission Walkthrough
  • 1 min

By Mathew Steel

Mission 1:

Win - Reach the boat

Lose - Your lord dies

Lose - Sir William dies



Welcome to the Stronghold Nation campaign walkthrough for Stronghold 2. Newcomers to the game should find these following guides as an easy start to the game. Of course, this guide is not the only viable option to complete the Stronghold 2 campaign, but it is a tried and tested method of doing so. Remember, if you are still stuck, you can download a campaign mission save from our downloads section. This guide was written in Steam version 1.5, although, users running v1.4.1 should not experience any compatibility issues with the save games.


The first chapter is a nice beginning to the game. Simply, select both Sir William and Mathew Steele (Your lord) and target the spearmen moving towards the small wooden fort near the corner of the map. Do not worry, these spearmen are weak and are not enough in numbers to cause any threat to your lords. The two lords will rid of the spearmen in a short amount of time.




After killing the spearmen, if your lords are not at the boat, simply command them to move to the boat and you will complete this chapter.