The Road to Hell Mission 6

  • Stronghold Legends Mission Walkthrough
  • 3 mins

By Lord_Chris

Compared with the opponents you're now used to, this mission is a piece of cake! To make it even better it's a straight fight between you and Arthur with nothing else to distract your attention. As soon as the game begins, place your Stockpile next to the Iron, and your Granary next to the Stone. Then place two Chicken farms, two Apple Farms and a Dairy Farm. Add a pantry round the back of your keep, then place an Eel Pond, Pig Farm and Vineyard. Set the Pantry ration level to double and the Granary ration level to Extra. Now set your tax level as high as possible. Place a Stone Quarry and an Ox Tether, then four Iron Mines and 1 Ox Tether next to your Iron Mines. If you still have wood remaining, place a hovel. Now place a free wood camp, and buy enough wood to place another two hovels. Sell all the Iron in your stockpile and then place a small wall with a gatehouse around your keep, along with a Barracks, Armoury and Sorcerer's Tower.

Quickly purchase 20-30 bows and recruit those archers placing them on your walls. If you can afford to, also purchase a Sorcerer and place him on the highest point on your wall. The first attack, which will arrive very soon, is now easy to repel. Your castle should now look something like this:

When you have the chance, build stone walls around all your industry to protect it from attacks. You also should build up a force of Werewolves - purchase as many as possible and keep them nearby in case you need them. Slowly increase your number of Iron Mines and Stone Quarries, and start selling ay excess Iron & Stone to buy Weapons and purchase Werewolves. You'll have to defend against any attacks from Arthur, but these are fairly easy to do without a lot of effort by simply purchasing Archers. Once you have around 60 Werewolves, place a Siege Camp. When you're ready to attack, you'll need to purchase a few Werewolf Launchers to get your Werewolves over the first wall. Wait until Arthur moves the Archers from his Barracks to attack you, and then move your Werewolf Launchers into place, protected by several Cats. Attack the section of wall which is at the corner, this will allow your Launcher to get your Werewolves onto the wall itself.

Slowly work your way along the wall, killing everything you can find until you get to the Gatehouse. Then send all your Archers and Sorcerer onto the enemy walls. At this point, purchase more Werewolves and send them onto the wall also. This is now your main defence, use it and destroy everything before you in Arthur's valley. Whilst you have troops stationed on this wall also, Arthur will not be able to train any troops from his Barracks - keep everything on lockdown until you can replenish your Werewolves back to around 70 again.

If you're struggling for Honour, then try selling things in your Stockpile and purchase Pikes & Armour, then recruit some Pikemen to help you. Once you've gained control of the full wall, Arthur is doomed and cannot recover - providing you can replenish the few troops which are lost at first, of course. It also helps if you actually station some men right outside the Barracks to kill troops as he recruits them. Once you've handled this situation, all Arthur has left is the troops from the Round Table and those on his second wall. To make things slightly more interesting, why not purchase some Vampiric Creepers and convert some enemy troops, reducing his numbers even further!

By doing this, you don't even need Siege Equipment! Just capture the gatehouse and send your Werewolves & Pikemen straight through, killing Arthur. Mission complete!

A saved game of this mission is available here in the donwloads section.