All Wolf Castle Designs and How To Remove Each One

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By Sir DavidSpy


The Wolf will appear in parishes at random intervals same as all other AIs, being more likely to appear in parishes with many high ranking players. His presence is visually represented on the game map by a small red tower icon, which will display a grey & black coat of arms with a wolf’s head when placing your cursor over it.

The Wolf’s attacks will come in either of two forms, Pillage or Ransack. His Pillage attacks are easily enough defended against providing your castle is built all the way out to the white line, manned with at least 200 troops, and your vaults research is maxed. By contrast, The Wolf’s ransack attack if nigh impossible to successfully defend against without help of oil pots around the perimeter of your castle.

Whether attacking or defending, The Wolf’s troop’s hit points are upgraded to 150%, making them the strongest troops used by any NPC in the game.

The following Walkthrough is comprehensive, it features all 11 of the Wolf Castle designs in addition there are links below each to their corresponding YouTube Video so you can watch along if you are stumped. I apologize for the fact that none of the videos show me setting up the attacks but at the time of recording the idea to include setup footage had simply slipped my mind.

If you are having difficulty setting up your attacks take a peak at the in depth Wolf Castle Walkthroughs I've done over at Stronghold Kingdoms Strategy.


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