The Valley of Flowers Mission 2

  • Stronghold Legends Mission Walkthrough
  • 3 mins

By Lord_Chris

Each mission in the Legends trial gets progressively harder, and this mission is no exception. You are now playing as Dietrich, and Ice, and you must kill your enemy, ironically, also Dietrich. First off, place your stockpile next to the stone. You need this more to create a good strong defense. Then place three hovels, three dairy farms, two apple farms, one seal hole, two stone quarries and one ox tether. This will help you to get a basic economy started. Next, place your barracks, armoury and ice tower along with a statue (which will generate honour). You automatically start with 100 glory points, so this is a good excuse to place one! Now place the free wood camp you get due to no wood left in the stockpile.

If you want to get to a quicker start after looking at the AI's estate, sell the available candles in your stockpile and buy wood or stone. Now send your men-at-arms of to take the free estate, leaving your archers on guard. Once it has been taken, return the men-at-arms to your keep and start building your castle. The enemy will take it back and it's pointless trying to defend it yet; you're simply not strong enough. So you may as well make the most of the free gold and honour coming from it (as well as any stone it produces). Just make sure your troops use the correct bridge - you don't want them being slaughtered by the enemy simply for going over the wrong bridge!

After your keep ahs been completed, place your industry buildings inside it; this stops any enemy attacks from damaging weapon production.

Now, start spamming your food industry. You need to place a pantry, as well as several means of getting honour (providing enough wood is available of course). Buildings for the Castle Pantry are depicted by a small crown next to them. If you followed the advice earlier to sell all your candles, you should have enough gold to buy and train twenty archers, and you'll be needing them soon too; some white witches will soon be attacking you.

If you have enough stone spare, and archers to man it, you might consider building something like the following lookout post. This has the potential to drastically intefere with the enemy's production.

While the opponent this time is slightly more intelligent this time than the last, it is still a computer. Take good advantage of this fact, and recruit 25 Frost Giants. Then, recruit 20 White Witches for a supporting role in an attack. These numbers will overwhelm the AI - before it even knows what is going on and have the ability to recruit troops, you can destroy most of its defenses. Do not forget to focus on your defense while you're recruiting too, otherwise you'll not be able to withstand any attacks.

Once you have this amount of troops, just charge straight to the place where the most crossbowmen are stationed. Below, the AI have placed the most arhcers on the gatehouse, which is extremely beneficial regardless. You don't need any troops to go onto the keep because after destroying buildings for a while, Dietrich will come out of the keep and your frost giants and white witches will kill him easily.

For those of you who simply want to open a saved game, this walkthrough will not be a disappointment! You can find a saved game of this trail here.