The Valley of Flowers Mission 1

  • Stronghold Legends Mission Walkthrough
  • 3 mins

By Lord_Chris

This is a very easy mission, and you can make it even easier on yourself. Firstly, place your stockpile in the obvious place; next to the trees, stone and iron. This will keep a good flow of resources coming in. Next, place three wood camps, three chicken farms, one or two apple farms and dairy farms. Finally, use the rest of your wood on stone quarries, iron mines and ox tether to take them to the stockpile (apart from a small amount for hovels). Your estate should now look something similar to this:

Next, sort out your defenses. Place wall all along the border of your estate blocking off all access out. You'll need to remove some wall eventually, but this will help you until you can afford to "venture out" of your castle. If you feel the need, also build a keep, but this really isn't mandatory for this mission. When you have enough stone available next, build an armoury, barracks and Round Table in that order. Now focus on honour - since you can purchase units from the round table here, you will need a bit of honour. Alternatively, you could just buy knights, but then you can't heal your own troops, knock the enemy archers off the wall .etc

To do this, place a castle pantry, then three types of every honour building. You can tell which buildings generate honour because they have a small image a crown next to them. Then, place several more wood camps. You need to get a good supply of iron in to buy weapons, there is no need to wait for weapon production when you can simply purchase them. Once the wood camps generate more wood, build more iron mines, more ox tether and sell all the iron you now have.

Whilst you're at it, recruit all archers from the available bows in armoury and station them on your wall. And place a few small towers at the edge of your wall, too. If you place them in the right spot, the archers will even target the enemy soldiers on the other wall!

Now, keep selling all the wood, iron & stone you generate and buy spears instead. When you have enough honour buy Percival, Bedivere then Galahad, in the same order. If you can afford it, buy extra knights from the round table that you think may help you. After, place a siege camp and buy several laddermen and catapults. The exact amount doesn't really matter, providing it is big enough to survive the possibility of being attacked for a few seconds by the archers on the enemy walls.

When you have enough, gather all your forces on your side of the wall ready to erase some wall and attack. As soon as wall is erased, enemy troops will come rushing out of their gatehouse and attack, and even if you replace the wall (which is recommended anyway) they will still attack your troops. After this attack has been destroyed, gather your troops necxt to their stone quarry, and send the catapults directly to their barracks. If the catapults are destroyed, ot you don't have any, use Sir Bedivere's special power: "The Horn of Camelot", which will bring down the walls. You can also use Sir Percival's power to throw the archers from the walls, which will mean yout troops get hit less too.

Now, simply storm the keep and kill Alfred. Mission complete! Or if you're feeling especially lazy, I have a saved game in the downloads section which will save you the bother of doing the mission at all!