Sim Campaign: Mission 1 - The King's Beacon

  • Stronghold 2 Mission Walkthrough
  • 2 mins

By Lord_Chris

Mission Objectives:

• Win: Build Beacon.
• Win: Produce 30 Apples.
• Lose: The Lord Dies.

The Stronghold 2 Sim Campaign is a simple and gentle way of introducing you to the concepts of Stronghold 2 without rushing the player or being too brutal. Each mission guides you through the Civilian part of the game and preparing you to setup your castle very quickly in the Military stages of the game. I'd urge anyone who has recently just started playing Stronghold 2 to play this campaign first before jumping into the other aspects of the game.

Your task in this mission is very easy- you simply have to produce a total of 30 Apples and rebuild the Beacon. Start by placing your Granary within your estate. A good place for this is just west of your Keep; here you can also place a number of Apple Farms to enable faster production.

Tip: When placing buildings throughout Stronghold 2, it is vital to keep associated buildings as close to each other as possible. By doing so, it reduces the distance workers will have to travel, thereby making them much more productive.

Start off by placing four apple farms next to your Granary. Now you have 0 Wood left, place your free saw pit next to the trees just outside your castle Gatehouse. Next, wait for your first shipment of wood. Place another three saw pits, and one Hovel to increase your population.

Tip: While waiting for the Beacon to be built and your Apples to be produced, you will see there is an estate slightly to the west of where you started the game, containing several wolves. To save time in chapter 4 when you will have to do this, you can send your Lord to kill these wolves now. Doing so will result in very little injury and save a lot of men later on. The earlier you choose to do this, the easier it will be as less wolves will have been generated.

On your next shipment, this is the time to start mass producing your industries, in time for the next few missions. You want to place two or three more saw pits, and perhaps one more apple farm if necessary. At this stage, you simply need to wait until the Beacon is complete before winning the mission (your Apples should be well over the required 30 by this point, but you can check by left clicking on the Granary). Victory!

On one last note, make sure that you save your game before ending this mission, as your game does not automatically save by itself when you complete a mission. You can download a saved game of this mission here from the downloads section if you haven't already done so.